EVOLVE NFTs is a network of talent, innovation, and creation for the advancement of NFTs through the use of the native EVLV Token. A token backed by the brand, experience, and audiences of the Evolve community and its collective innovation. Through our expansive product suite Evolve plans to bring DEFI, DAO, and NFT’s together into one cohesive NFT ecosystem. The EVOLVE NFT’s team of experts specializes in securing partnerships and licensing contracts for creators, building expansive blockchain applications, and leveraging creative talent for progress and growth. By joining the EVOLVE NFT’s community and brand you are taking part in the advancement and progress of NFTs as a functional idea.

The EVOLVE NFT’s platform is powered by the EVLV Token, an Erc20 based social currency that works as the foundation of all products on the Evolve network. The EVLV Token allows holders to benefit from a collection of NFT Assets created by specifically contracted athletes and artists as well as the expanding product suite which includes the DEFI, DAO, and decentralized marketplace aspects of Evolve. Non-Fungible assets and artwork will be owned and operated by EVLV Inc., which will also engage in the sale management and distribution of NFT works. EVOLVE NFT’s plans to display such collections in NFT galleries and sell works through the Evolve network’s decentralized auction house. 

EVOLVE NFTs is inspired to further develop the NFT space and amplify, empower, and elevate all of its creators. With value addition to the NFT Market, EVOLVE NFTs aims to launch a protocol for non-fungible assets with no analogs in the traditional financial and crypto world. At EVOLVE NFT’s, the leadership believes the community drives the project in the same way it drives our creators. To incentivize and reward our community and community members, EVOLVE NFTs has built a self-sustaining cycle of reinvestment where the token’s value directly contributes to the value and growth of its collection, athletes, artists, and innovation. 

The EVLV token derives its value from the established EVOLVE brand history, its growing network of influencers, community, underlying tangible NFT assets, partnerships, and limitless modular growth potential.

The token will also be used as a means of exchange to purchase NFT’s through EVLV and engage with our growing list of services. Evolve NFT’s plans to roll out the token for use on applications like so that athletes, artists and sellers can accept our token as payment for their creation.

The EVOLVE leadership team and founding body have extensive experience in the blockchain, tokenization, fintech, sports, partnerships, licensing, NFTs, and artwork space. They believe that the EVOLVE product suite and services have no analogs to the traditional crypto and financial landscape and stand to reason that through the EVOLVE NFT’s network the entire NFT ecosystem will benefit.

The Vision

EVOLVE envisions creating the premier NFT network powered by the community and top talent while offering value and backing to its native EVLV Token. It strives to provide a highly secured collection, possessing all forms of digital artwork, e.g., web assets, gaming assets, and digital collectibles, to be on boarded onto the blockchain. Evolve also strives to grow the community behind the EVLV token by adding an array of NFT driven blockchain-based products.

The management strives explicitly to focus on the creation and management of the Evolve Collection initially. However, moving forward the applications of EVOLVE foundational modules and the EVLV token are endless.

Our Mission

Elevate, Amplify and Empower, Athletes, Artists, and Community.

We will increase the use case and utility for the EVLV Token as a value-backed social currency by incentivizing and offering equitable compensation for the experience of those who join our team and community.


EVOLVE focuses on building a social currency that is backed by rare NFTs. Although the initial objective is to create a protocol for an NFT collection with pieces of assets from vetted artists, the long term goal is to incentivize our community by building a self-sustaining cycle of reinvestment where the value of our token directly contributes to the value and growth of our collection, athletes and artists. 

To summarize our core objectives are:

  • Expand our list of established Athletes, Artists, and creators to create exclusive NFTs on our platform.
  • Secure Collection Infrastructure and increase assets held in the EVOLVE Collection.
  • Creation of a customizable NFT marketplace for businesses, individuals, and creators. (Easy to build NFT ecosystems, customizable store fronts, easily customizable smart contracts for sales)
  • Bring NFTs and real life together through NFT based experiences and advancements
  • Produce purpose-driven DEFI applications in the NFT space. (Tokenized NFT collections, interest generating NFTs, Collateralized NFT loans)



The art market is the marketplace of buyers and sellers trading in rare commodities, services, and works of art. This market has played a significant role in evolving art practice, in art collecting, and incentivizing artists. In recent years, while the market remains predominantly offline, online sales have seen increasing growth. Virtual exhibitions have become a new phenomenon after the Covid-19 pandemic, where arts are quickly made available for patrons stuck at home. Online auctions rapidly became the dominant marketplace option for galleries of all sizes.

However, despite this dexterous, speedy, and industry-wide adoption of innovative technology, UBS and Art Basel‘s report shows that global sales of art and antiquities shrunk by 22% in 2020, marking the biggest drop since 2009 recession. Moreover, the market is notoriously opaque and unregulated, which remains vulnerable to forgeries, insurance fraud, and money laundering. Besides, accessing precious artwork is not in the reach of a common person due to higher entry limits.

With the introduction of EVOLVE and its ecosystem, we strive to resolve all such issues while leveraging the power of blockchain through NFTs, removing the higher entry limits and making the rarest NFT items exposed to our community. NFTs will serve as the guarantor of the community interests as it keeps an immutable record of ownership and identity, ensuring that no forgery, identity theft, or illegal sale happens. The EVLV Token will be initially backed by the Evolve Collection that comprises the rarest NFT items, but EVOLVE will also strive to expand and grow the art market and the EVLV token use case by working on digital art shows, NFT galleries, the EVLV DAO, EVLV DEFI apps, Decentralized auctions, and bringing our own unique artists and athletes into the NFT world.

Market Overview and Opportunity

The non-fungible token space (NFT) has recorded explosive growth over the course of the last few months. A recent report by states, “The non-fungible token (NFT) market tripled in 2020, with the total value of transactions increasing by 299% year on year to more than $250m, according to a new study released by” 

The report further finds that NFTs are primed to become a leading emerging asset class for the Virtual Economy in the years ahead, both in terms of their financial value and their practical uses, and a significant driver of economic activity in virtual worlds.” Source:

A market as diverse as NFTs that has the power to revolutionize the modern-age economic landscape by tokenizing digital and physical assets. With its multi-products suite, Evolve will add much-needed backing to its token, and the community, in turn, also creating the opportunity to leverage this market for its business development and impact.

Product Description

EVOLVE product suite consists of two initial core products, i.e., EVOLVE Collection and EVLV Token. In the section below, these products are described in detail.

Evolve Collection

Evolve Collection is a blockchain-based custodial platform that securely stores new collections of artworks created by established athletes and artists as well as a collection of solidified NFT assets. EVOLVE uses its already prominent list of athletes and artists to establish a network of value for the EVOLVE collection, which in turn is stored in a secured vault to offer potential backing to the EVLV Token.

The EVOLVE Team further strives to ensure maximum appreciation and growth of the EVLV Token as an accepted social currency. In this direction, it adopts the following approach.

  • Use the existing network of athletes and artists to create the rarest and most valuable NFT items.
  • Research for existing NFT items in the marketplaces and acquire the rarest artwork at competitive pricing.
  • Make the EVOLVE Collection accessible to leading galleries and auction houses to sell NFT assets at the correct prices.
  • Generate recurring income from the NFT items held within the Evolve Collection by allowing them to be rented out.
  • Reinvestment of revenues generated from the EVOLVE business model into purchasing more NFTs and hiring new artists and athletes.

Moreover, to ensure maximum NFT asset protection and as a part of our community trust-building process, the Evolve Collection will be audited by third party independent auditors who will assess the

  • Security measures and protocols
  • Assessment of the artist and athletes resources based on their work
  • Assessment of the revenue collection
  • Auditing the newly purchased NFT assets and their valuation
  • Inflow and outflow of the NFT items into the collection

EVLV Token

EVLV Token is the native currency of the EVOLVE financial ecosystem, offering a unique value proposition since it enables user access items within the ecosystem while also serving as a medium for exchanging value. It would serve as a social currency that allows its holders to record growth and enjoy value appreciation if the general NFT market grows or if the individuals inside the Evolve collection achieve growth. The EVLV Token derives its value from the Evolve brand history, its growing network of influencers, community, underlying NFT’s and limitless growth potential.

The EVLV token allows access to the DEFI, DAO, and Marketplace features that the Evolve Network is building out.

Future Product Description

Evlv plans to expand its operations quickly and meaningfully. In the future, we plan to expand a product suite to four total products.

Governance Application

EVOLVE Strives for decentralized governance. It aims to foster an ecosystem whereby the community has an active role in deciding which NFT Assets to purchase, holding, and selling.  It plans to utilize on-chain voting for ensuring the long-term viability of the network. The leadership understands that transparent, effective, and legitimate governance is paramount for the effective administration and long-term viability of a decentralized blockchain network. Therefore, it adopts an on-chain voting mechanism whereby the community, developers, validators, and leadership have a fair proportion of say in deciding the project matters. Token holders who meet a devised criteria will be allowed to participate in a voting process covering aspects such as artists hiring and recruiting athletes, selling NFTs through various auctions and galleries, marketing and budget allocation, etc.

Decentralized Exclusive Marketplace

Evolve plans to create a decentralized auction house and marketplace for invited NFT creators on our platform. The exclusive platform would ensure quality NFT works would be prioritized on our platform and to our buyers. In addition, this platform would serve as a hub for our creators and athletes to drop exclusive pieces through a safe, rewarding, and fair ecosystem.

EVLV DEFI Application’s

Evolve plans to be the first blockchain platform to leverage DEFI and NFTs. Using our experience Evolve plans to create a range of DEFI and NFT projects including collateralized P2P DEFI loans. Staking programs and liquidity pools that generate returns for NFT and token holders with the Evolve Network.


The EVLV Token has a maximum supply of 100 Million, and the distribution is as follows:

100 million tokens are to be minted and distributed with vesting plans described below:

  • 15 million tokens distributed to founders and team vested linearly over 3 months
  • 40 Million tokens distributed to the Evolve foundation
  • 10 million token allocated to public IDO sale
  • 15 million tokens distributed to community rewards, artists, and athletes
  • 5 million tokens to presale investors vested 1 month
  • 5 million tokens preserved for private sale investors vested 1 month
  • 10 Million Tokens held for liquidity

Token Utility model

EVLV Token is a Social Currency ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network, which serves as the primary token of the EVOLVE Ecosystem. It has a maximum supply of 100 Million Tokens.

The EVLV token will be used as a transactional currency on the EVOLVE Decentralized Auction House(marketplace). In addition, in the future people who hold EVLV token will be able to purchase NFTs on other websites. It will also serve as a medium of exchange and store of value as it is a currency backed by tangible assets.

Summarizing, the EVLV Token has the following utility.

  • As a token to enter into the EVOLVE Ecosystem
  • As a payment method for purchasing NFT items from the Evolve Collection or the EVOLVE Decentralized Auction House.
  • As a payment method for NFT marketplaces
  • Acting as a medium for the exchange of value in peer to peer way
  • A medium for storage of value
  • As tangibly backed social currency
  • As a right to vote in EVLV DAO governance system
  • As  means to provide liquidity or to stake and receive rewards.


Initial Token Distribution

Evolve Collection

evolveNFTs begins the evolveNFTs collection. A robust and growing collection of the most prominent NFTs from new, established, and upcoming artists.

First Community Launch

Evolve Celebrates its first NFT community launch with a successful minting of 10,000 pieces in the Sminem licensed meme collection.

Manoir Launch

evolveNFTs launches the most robust and the first tangibly valued NFT collection.

Decentralized Auction House

evolveNFTs creates the most exclusive and powerful decentralized auction house. Which acutions high profile NFTs from a multitude of creators and projects once a month.

Governance DAO

evolveNFTs Manoir collection launches its governance DAO giving the community full control of the future of Evolve.

Exclusive Marketplace DAPP

evolveNFTs exclusive marketplace caters to past and future evolve community launches as well as specifically invited artists to ensure buyers are only offered the best most viable long term assets.

Advisors & Founders

Founded By Professional Athletes, Artists, and Elite Crypto Experts

Earl Edwards Jr.

Advisor & Professional Athlete

Samantha Springs

Legal Advisor & Contract Lawyer at Google

Sirena Amarikwa

Social Media Director & Former Bitcoin Gold Consultant

Kurtis Fechtmeyer

Advisor & Investment Chair

Quincy Amarikawa

Founder & Professional Athlete

Paul Guarino

Advisor & Pro Sports Manager

Sean Johnson

Advisor & Professional Athlete


Founded By Professional Athletes, Artists, and Elite Crypto Experts

Allen Cao

Senior Marketplace Dev

Tony Zhou

Blockchain Dev


Founder & Blockchain Dev