The EvolveNFTs Locker Room


EvolveNFTs was founded by Quincy Amarikwa early Bitcoin investor, venture capitalist, and the first professional athlete in the metaverse as well as Patrick Fechtmeyer a developer, researcher, and early crypto adopter.

We believe that community in the digital world is more important than ever. The locker room is a fun collaborative space to share ideas and discuss the future of the space without the restrictions of a normal businesses enviroment. 

The Locker Room sets us apart from other firms in the web3 space because it is a place that enhances our business while being a fun space to hang out in and chat about ideas while not working. It helps in the ideation process an is a great space to bounce ideas off web3 involved individuals. 

How It Works

We built our platform with the discipline of professional athletics the technical insight of developers, and the iterative yet meticulous nature of entrepreneurs. Think of our platform ( as the premium location in your nearest city and our private discord like the stadium in the best part of town.

Once verified and approved to enter the EvolveNFTs Stadium (private discord) you’ll earn access to the EvolveNFTs Locker Room. (aka our general chat and vibe zone)

Join our locker room ready to introduce yourself, ask questions, exchange information, ideas, build connections, learn, teach and just vibe with our network of everyone involved in web3 from pro athletes to developers, and even to NFT creators.

If you’ve ever been in or a part of a great locker room you’d know the best ones develop a culture centered around having fun. In this space, there’s money to be made and great deals to be done, but at the end of the day, we’re here to enjoy ourselves.

Everyone on our team is doxxed for full transparency. If you’re new to crypto and NFTs this is a great place for you to learn from some veterans in the game.

If you’re a veteran in the crypto and NFT game this is a great place to connect with our network.

See you in the locker room!