Wen Mint???

EvolveNFTs Locker Room pass

The Locker Room Pass is an exclusive all-access NFT that unlocks the EvolveNFTs product suite and locker room community. The limited edition of 456 total genesis NFTs will be free to mint and give you immediate access to all locker room community benefits. 

To accomplish this and more we’ve brought our best insights and the collective experiences we’ve earned from the well over 1000+ communities, projects, founders, professional athletes and artists we’ve made direct investments in, sponsored, partnered with and advised for. 

How to join The community and start earning weekly rewards

1. Enter EvolveNFts stadium

Enter EvolveNFTs Stadium (discord) and join the #👟-boot-room (Community conversation) to earn your trialist Role. Moderators and community members will help you learn about the community, how to earn your locker room pass roaster spot (WL) and how to play to earn weekly leaderboard rewards… Can you beat the pros?

2. Mint Your Free Genesis Locker Room Pass NFT

Mint your locker room pass for Free using your metamask wallet. (Mint date coming soon…) 

3. Enjoy your locker room pass benefits

Once minted and verified you can enjoy the growing list of exclusive benefits and access that comes with your locker room pass NFT. Fast track your connection and engagement with top teir professional athletes, developers, artists and business people. Pitch your ideas, get quality feedback, find funding, gain early access to top projects, earn Staking Rewards and enjoy your VIP access at the yearly mansion party….