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Audited Estimated Value of EvolveNFTS Collection

Highlighted Pieces

Elite NEO Tokyo Identities

Evolve has collected two pieces from the NEO Tokyo Identities collection. S1 and S2

Alpha Centuari Kid

Evolve has Collected Alpha Centuari Kids First 2 Mints on Foundation.


Evolve has collected supertrip64 genesis 3d ar new world order foundation piece.

The Sand Box

Evolve Owns Multiple Pieces of Land in the Sandbox Metaverse

NFT Guild

We maintain an avid stake in the NFT Guild.

Lost Poets

Lost poets have remained as one of our favorite collections we maintain a stake in 16 pieces.

Million Token Website

Evolve owns over 100 tokens in million token website. It stands as one of the largest collections by size.


Evolve holds a stake in the N project. An innovative NFT project.

NFT Siblings

Evolve Holds a Large Stake in NFT siblings. Maintaining a growing collection.

United MetaVerse Nation

With our focus on the Metaverse Evolve has invested heavily into United Metaverse Nation


Evolve holds a collection of Roboto characters.

Independent Artists/Collections

Evolve holds over 300 NFTs a portion of that coming from foundation artists and others.

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